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The Elephant-headed God and Other Hindu Tales by Debjani Chatterjee, llustrated by Margaret Jones

This was a Children's Book of the Year in 1990. 🙂

Twelve classical Indian tales, including an affectionate introduction to elephant-headed Ganesh, a wonderfully concise version of the Mahabharata, and the humbling of several proud heroes and demons by the gods. The demons here are particularly rambunctious: Bali conquers both Earth and Heaven; ten-headed Ravana steals Rama's wife; in ``Ashes to Ashes,'' Bhasmasura chases his master Shiva into a garbage dump. The combination of fresh humor and a text only lightly burdened with ritual behavior, morals, or long Indian names makes this a good gateway to both the great epics and the Jataka tales. Frequent ink drawings, with figures in traditional dress and stylized poses, add an exotic touch. - KIRKUS REVIEW

The Monkey God, and Other Hindu Tales by Debjani Chatterjee, llustrated by Uday Shankar

Within these pages are stories drawn from the rich treasure house of India's past. Here are stories of the adventures of Hanuman, the monkey-god, full of mischief, courage and miraculous powers.

The three worlds of gods, of humans and of demons, come alive in these age-old tales from Hindu mythology. The twelve stories retold here contain much of the enduring wisdom of India. Some tell of characters familiar to children in a multi-cultural society, while others introduce characters not so well known. As classic stories in a free and powerful re-telling, they belong to children everywhere in every age.

Both the vivacity and strength of the culture behind these ancient tales are fully expressed in the beautiful illustrations by Uday Shankar which accompany the text. These tales of gods and goddesses, heroes and demons, offer an invitation to the imagination of children everywhere to enter a world of mystery and magic. Discover for yourself the eternal appeal of these fascinating stories.

Published by Rupa, ISBN-13: 9788171671465     ISBN-10: 8171671462         

MONKEY KING'S PARTY by Debjani Chatterjee, llustrated by Simon & James Walmesley, is a modern adaptation of an ancient classic, Wu Cheng'en's Journey to the West.
Monkey King is funny, clever and brave. Join him on his adventure to the Heavenly Land.
Published by Springboard Stories, 24pp, 2013. ISBN 978 0 9573501 2 0.


Nyamia and the bag of gold by Debjani Chatterjee, illustrated by Pampa Panwar

Designed to fit the National Curriculum, this is part of the "Longman Book Project".

Published by Longman


Sufi Stories from around the World by Debjani Chatterjee, illustrated by C M Salvi

Here are inspirational stories from the lives of great Sufi men and women in Asia, Africa and Europe. Such mystic luminaries as Rabia of Basra, Delhi's Nizamuddin Aulia, Dhun Nun the Egyptian, Jalaluddin Rumi of Turkey, Ibn El Arabi of Spain, Hakim Sanai of Persia and many others grace these pages. Through this book too the reader can join the greatest explorer of the Middle Ages, the intrepid Moroccan traveller Ibn Batuta, in his quest for the spiritual riches of India and China.

Published by Harper Collins India / Indus / Soma Books, 101pp, ISBN-10: 8172231334, ISBN-13: 978-8172231330