A new voice has arrived with a great deal of important subject matter and a new way of saying it.... Here is a book that breathes an all-or-nothing internationalism, that contains (but isn't contained by) a phenomenal range of diction, that eschews the DIY-poetry kit and replaces it with a voice of rare originality.... Chatterjee manages to write compassionate poems in which unification of what can only be called 'world ideas' is paramount. It is a fascinating process, reminding one of Montale or Elytis.... One of the best small press poetry books I've seen.   - David Morley, NAWE News

Debjani Chatterjee's first collection draws us in to the splendour of her Indian background and variegated travels. She is a persuasive guide, street-smart in several cultures, well aware of feminine versatility, yet capable of being fierce when opposed.   - Bill Turner, Poetry Review

This collection of poems is breathtaking.... Debjani Chatterjee's poems are rich with knowledge of the culture, literature and language of East and West.... She moves easily from long and complex poems, rich in ideas, to poems which are distillations of thought and feeling.   - Jo Alberti, Writing Women  



Turning an assured eye on both India and England... Chatterjee achieves her own hegemony... in these poised and charming works.   - Vic Allen, Artscene



Here is an impressive collection of  poems, with each writer an accomplished poet.... Debjani Chatterjee manages, without imposing, to close the gap between reader and writer.... A rich collection of four of the country's most imaginative voices.   - Susi Miller, Artscene

Debjani Chatterjee writes lively, cross-cultural poems with effective resonances. She can be very funny and sharply critical at the same time. - Jeffery Wheatley in Northern Lights



[Namaskar] is full of lively poems which warmly embrace her Indian and British cultures.... The poems are richly allusive... and move with ease between elegant description, well-developed ideas and keenly expressed feeling. Chatterjee's breadth of scope is noteworthy. This book will delight her existing admirers and gain its author new ones.  - Kate Keogan, PN Review 166



A little bridge of poems, a wondrous fusion of Indian, Pakistani, Wyre Forestian poetic culture.... A spirited collaboration and the poems are excellent.... This book travels far and wide, into places and people.    - Chris Meade, Director of the Poetry Society


About Masala: Poems from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 


The Poetry Library has just added a wonderful book of poems from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to its collection.


There are poems about going to school is Sri Lanka, Indian mythology, what it feels like to move to England from another country, how it feels to be a young Asian woman in the UK, and much more.


The poems in the book have been chosen by Debjani Chatterjee, who also compiled the anthology Rainbow World: Poems from Many Cultures.   - Poetry Library




About Let's Celebrate!: Festival Poems from Around the World ed by Debjani Chatterjee and Brian D'Arcy


A collection celebrating 24 festivals from around the world. An eclectic selection with some very unusual festivals featured - how about a tomato festival; an ice festival or Kwanzaa? As I read the book, I found myself really wanting to know more about these obscure festivals so I was very pleased to find that all 24 are described at the end of the book! The poems are from a wide range of writers and each is illustrated by Shirin Adl in a very distinctive style which reflects the poem. Every page is full of vibrant colour. As well as being a lovely book to have in the home, this is an excellent resource for teachers to use in the classroom and especially in celebration assemblies to demonstrate the diversity of world celebrations.   - Parents in Touch