Debjani's translations from Bengali of selected poems & songs by Kazi Nazrul Islam won FIRST PRIZE IN THE MUSE INDIA POETRY TRANSLATION COMPETITION 2008. 🙂

GENERATIONS OF GHAZALS: GHAZALS BY NASIR KAZMI & BASIR SULTAN KAZMI ed. by Debjani Chatterjee, published by Redbeck Press, Bradford, 82 pp, ISBN  0 904338 08 9. £7.85. A Pakistani edition was published as a bilingual Urdu-English book by Jahangir Book Depot Press, Lahore.

PASSING THROUGH - a bilingual collection with Urdu poems by Basir Sultan Kazmi. The English translations are by the author & Debjani Chatterjee & Simon Fletcher, published by Crocus Books, Manchester, 2014, 48pp, ISBN 978 0 946745 73 9. £7

ECHOES OF THE HEART / HRIDOYER PROTIDDHONI - Bengali collection by Rashida Islam & English translations by Debjani Chatterjee, published by Sahitya Press, Sheffield, 72 pp, ISBN  0 9519821 7 6. £6.95.

MY BIRTH WAS NOT IN VAIN: / JONMO AMAR JAINI BRITHAI: SELECTED POEMS BY SEVEN BENGALI WOMEN - a bilingual Bengali-English anthology ed. by Debjani Chatterjee & Safuran Ara, published by Sheffield Libraries, Sheffield, 136 pp, ISBN 0 86321 2425. £8.99.
     The 7 poets are Begum Sufia Kamal, Rajlukshmee Debee, Ketaki Kushari Dyson, Saleha Chowdhury, Debarati Mitra, Susmita Bhattacharya & Shamim Azad.

SONGS IN EXILE / PROBASHIR PALA - A bilingual collection with Bengali poems by Safuran Ara & English translations by Debjani Chatterjee, published by Sheffield Libraries, (82 pp, ISBN 0 86321 231 X. £5.95.

ALBUM by Uma Prasad Mukherjee translated from Bengali by Tara Chatterjee & Debjani Chatterjee, published by Writers Workshop, Kolkata in hbk, ISBN 81 7595 116 8 & flexi ISBN 81 7595 117 6, 286 pp,

HOME TO HOME - bilingual oral history book by Bangladeshi women in Sheffield, edited by Debjani Chatterjee & safuran Ara, published by Sheffield Library Services.

JADE HORSE TORSO: POEMS & TRANSLATIONS - pamphlet by Debjani Chatterjee, published by Sixties Press, Sutton, 22 pp. £3.
   Contains Debjani's poems & translations of poems in Bengali by  Rashida Islam, Safuran Ara, Afroza Khan, Susmita Bhattacharya, Nazrul Islam & Rabindranath Tagore; in Urdu by Nasir Kazmi, Basir Sultan Kazmi & Nayyar Khan; in Hindi by Usha Verma & Sitesh Aloke; & in Spanish by Jaime Silas & Juan Malpartidas.

THE PARROT'S TRAINING - Debjani's translation of Rabindranath Tagore's 'Tota Kahini', illustrated by Pampa Panwar in Tagore's art style, published by Tagore Society, London, 16 pp, ISBN 0 9513368 3 5.

OSTITWO / EXISTENCE - A bilingual collection with Bengali poems & stunning illustrations by Sanjay Bhattacharyya & English translations by Debjani Chatterjee, published by Creative Books, Delhi, 2012, 157 pp.