Debjani's Interests, Literary Roles & Memberships

Debjani performing at the Yurt Salon, London, 21.6.16

Debjani's special interests:


Other interests:

* Creative Arts Psychotherapy

* Visual Art

* Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement

* Yoga

* Boxercise/Kickercise

* Racewalking

* Interfaith Activities


Debjani is:
* Patron of Survivors' Poetry

* Mentor for Survivors Poetry

* Associate Royal Literary Fellow

* Associate Editor of Pratibha India

* Associate Editor of Tadeeb International
* Honorary Adviser to Word Masala Foundation
* Consultant Editor of Word Masala E-Newsletter
* Co-Chair (with Chris Meade) of Hyphen-21
* Founder-member of the Healing Word
* Honorary life member of the Nasir Kazmi Society in Pakistan
* Life member of the Poetry Society of India
* Life member of the Poetry Society UK & member of the Society's Poetry Class Team
* Member of the National Association of Writers in Education

* Founder-Member of Mini Mushaira


* Arts Council of England Literature Adviser

* Arts Council of England Translations Panel Chair

* Yorkshire Arts Literature Chair

* Royal Literary Fellow

* National Association of Writers in Education Chair

* Reviews Editor - Writing in Education

* Editorial Team Member - Writing in Education

* Literary Editor of The Colour of Health

Membership of Other Groups:

* Founder-member of Bengali Women's Support Group
* Founder-member of Sheffield Inter-faith

* Founder-Member of Sheffield Hindu Samaj

* Member of Macmillan Cancer Voices, the Adult Cancer Survivorship Project & other bodies aiming to promote cancer survivorship
* Member of Sheffield Carers Centre

* Member of the Centre for Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement

* Member of Creative Memorials

* Member of  Aastha Over 50s Group

* Member of Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

* Governor of Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust (since 2014)